Merry Christmas

I don’t suppose that surfing onto here will be your first thought on Christmas Day, but just in case, may I wish you a very Happy and Holy Christmas.

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6 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. annelise says:

    Thanku i ope u ad a great christmas, i did i got that LG pink chocolate phone; just thought i would share my excitement hehe

  2. Tonia says:

    you were on here at christmas? why??

    i got an Alpaca for christmas 😀 courtesy of oxfam – mum and dad did ethical presents this year.

    Happy Birthday to me for the 30th and Happy new year to everybody else for the 31st/1st 😀

  3. annelise says:

    put summat to do on ere im bored plz. but not like for the next four days cos im busy lol but afta that wud b a shame to lose one of ur regular bloggers (if thats wat u call it) thnakyou

  4. Charlotte says:

    Christmas was great in our house, kind of traditional really, games, food and drink!
    Santa brought me Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson so i’m looking forward to reading that!
    hope you had a good Christmas!

  5. Mr Heald says:

    Oh no – I feel quite guilty now.

    I was full of good intentions of keeping this going over the Christmas break (hence the early morning post on Christmas day: I just wanted you all to know I was thinking of you as I sipped a glass of absinthe (no sherry for this Father Christmas) having put all the presents out, made mince pie crumbs, and written the Father Christmas letter.

    Annelise, I hope that your chocolate phone is more useful than a fireguard made of similar stuff, and that you won’t abandon the blog just because I failed to deliver on your request to put summat to do. The fact is, that as I gradually wound down after a frantic term, I became so absorbed with spending time with the family that school-related stuff slipped away from the forefront of my thoughts.

    However, we’re back tomorrow, and even though you’re heading for a spell of study leave, I’ll be resuming business as usual on here.

    Charlotte: Mother Tongue is a great book: well-researched enough to be eminently useful and reliable enough to support A level study, while retaining Bryson’s witty and invigorating style. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like him. Glad you had a good time; we had that kind of Christmas, too.

    Tonia – sorry I missed your birthday: I meant to post a message. What did you get? A latrine? A set of tools and seeds? A goat? Or are the ethical presents reserved for Christmas rather than birthdays? My birthday is exactly a week away, now. I’m getting a trip to Amsterdam at half-term!

  6. Tonia says:

    i got driving lessons – watch out Cantley, this girls on the road! Ethical presents were for christmas =) thank god. My brother got a lifetime supply of condoms for an african village though, he went bright red =D

    Aaaaaah Amsterdam, lovely city.

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