12 Ways to improve writing at GCSE: 9-12 – Paragraphs

The grade expectations here are:

  • D – uses clear paragraphs
  • C – paragraphs make meaning clear
  • B – uses paragraphs to aid meanings

You can focus on paragraph use in the light of:

  1. paragraph starts to provide discourse markers in non-narrative writing (eg. However, therefore, although. ) Using a variety of verb starts (Barging in from the door…), preposition starts (In a dark room…), adverbial starts (Clumsily knocking over the flower pot, he…) and temporal starts (Meanwhile, Ten minutes later, Immediately);
  2. in narrative writing, paragraphs using contrast in mood, place, time, tone. In non-narrative writing, paragraphs contrasting points of view or priorities;
  3. in narrative writing, paragraphs which render an event alternatively from two different characters’ point of view, or alternate narrator’s voice and character’s voice;
  4. in non-narrative writing, paragraphs which are dedicated to a particular function in the development of purpose eg. statement (I think that…), prioritisation (The most important reason for this is…), concession (Although it is true that…), anticipation (People who disagree with this will say that…) or tentativeness (This may not be the answer to everybody’s problems, but…)
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