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Word of the Year 2006

Congratulations to “crackberry” I wonder if it cried at the awards ceremony?

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Capital letters and/or gaps between words can be very handy

The Y12 Lang group may recall me saying that traditional conventions for using capital letters are pretty useless, really, and that this is why so much online communication dispenses with them. Sometimes having everything in lower case can be a … Continue reading

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We’re getting there

Albeit slowly. The resource pages are gradually becoming populated with resources, although it’s rather time-consuming uploading stuff. Year 11’s should keep a close eye on these pages for material that will help in preparing for the mocks over the next … Continue reading

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Text-language, standard English and becoming better students

English is, of course, not just something you study in school, but the main means by which you communicate and, some would say, even think. Its social significance makes discussion of language use often controversial. We are already seeing how … Continue reading

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Extended noun phrases in estate agents’ property descriptions

Any advance on 25 words?

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More on the txt msg lang debate

As I mentioned to the Y12 Language group on Tuesday, I’m finding that features of language influenced by electronic communication are increasingly appearing in students’ work. Clearly I’m not the only one, if the furore in the media today is … Continue reading

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