Word of the Year 2006

Congratulations to “crackberry”

I wonder if it cried at the awards ceremony?

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3 Responses to Word of the Year 2006

  1. annelise says:

    Cool word, but i had never heard of it before. It is nice to see that language is moving along with technology, and its’ affects in the world.

  2. annelise says:

    oh by the way, i doubt i wil be at school on friday im really ill, but if you feel i have missed out vital work could you please inform me about what it is either through this web page or email, i do not want to fall behind.Cheers!

  3. year 13 lang lit crew massive!!! says:

    our year 13 phrases and words of the year are … alisha fairhurst – pina colada (spanish origin, pina means pineapple, and colada means strained or filtered!come into into english use from another language), chris matthew – my dear boy (this shows the imatturity and annoying nature of the man called matthews), mr heald – bicycle! (as he is ‘the crazy cyclist of doncaster’,inspired by the video of ‘ the crazy cyclists in new york‘)

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