Extended noun phrases in estate agents’ property descriptions

Any advance on 25 words?

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5 Responses to Extended noun phrases in estate agents’ property descriptions

  1. Billy says:

    I think this website shows no contribution to the world or anything else at all in a good way. I think it is a great waste of technological advances and human resources an therefore i put forward that you remove this website from the world wide web and delte it for good, and maybe re-write a website which has benefits to contribute to real problems int the world!! Thank You.

  2. annelise says:

    Alright whoever wrote that ‘calm ya passions luv’ some people who contribute regularly to this website (not me yet) may disagree with you there, and i personally feel your criticism is a bit harsh, if Mr Heald wants to amek a website to help his students let him, he is not doing any harm really. If you got a problem with this why dont you say it to his face. THERE! lol

  3. Mr Heald says:

    “Billy”, you appear to have forgotten to include the link to your own website which doubtless contains the solutions to all the world’s problems. If I knew what you meant by asking me to ‘delte’ this website, I could perhaps consider it. It would indeed be worthwhile to write a website ‘which has benefits to contribute to real problems int [sic] the world’, but it would be useful if you could elaborate on why I would want to re-write one.

    Annelise: thanks for leaping to my defence, and so quickly after “Billy”‘s initial comment, too. I’m glad you think I’m not doing any harm “really”. I’m worried that you may think I’m doing some unreal harm, though? Perhaps “Billy” will choose to speak to my face when s/he gets the chance. If not, it shouldn’t be too difficult to identify someone with a Blueyonder IP address should the fancy take me 😉

    On the other hand, if this stops being good sport, I can just delete any comments I don’t like and switch the settings so that comments are only displayed after being approved by me, but I’d rather not have to get BigBrotherish about something I’ve set up and am running entirely in my own time, and wholly for the benefit of my students.

    Now, what has this inordinately verbose, pompously self-important and unsophisticatedly sardonic yet playfully wry comment that I’m wasting valuable ironing-time to compose on a crisp, sunny autumn afternoon when I’d rather be out cycling got to do with extended noun phrases?

  4. Kat says:

    How sad must this Billy be to leave a demoralising message on a school english website. He/she must be a very selfish person who only cares about things that concern him/her. They must ahve no regard for anyone’s future but their own which cannot, surely be a bright one.

  5. Mr Heald says:

    I’m delighted to see this hasn’t degenerated into a full-scale ‘flame-war’ (another technology induced neologism there).

    The original culprit remains anonymous, and I’m happy for it to stay that way.

    There have been some interesting pragmatic issues arising from my post. Some people seem to have thought that I had been intending to convey the implicature that Annelise was the author of the offending post. I did not believe that she was (unless she was using two separate computers) and it did not seem to be the kind of thing she would be likely to do.
    That has indeed turned out to be the case, and I am happy to regard the case as closed.

    However, if anyone wants to continue to discuss how pragmatics is relevant to the way these posts have been read and interpreted, I’d be more than happy, and would regard “Billy” as having inadvertantly done us a great service.

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