More on the txt msg lang debate

As I mentioned to the Y12 Language group on Tuesday, I’m finding that features of language influenced by electronic communication are increasingly appearing in students’ work. Clearly I’m not the only one, if the furore in the media today is anything to go by. Several newspapers ran the story, from The Sun to The Guardian (notice how similar those articles are by the way), while Radio 4’s PM programme ran a feature of about 5 minutes on the story. It’s well worth listening to that extract and thinking not only about your views on the rights and wrongs of the ‘text language’ in exams debate, but also considering in a wider sense how the speakers reflect quite emotive attitudes towards language. The prescriptivist approach to language is still a very strong one, but remember that whatever your personal views about language use, as students of English you are required to take an objective descriptive approach.

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